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Website and social media assets designed and developed in collaboration with Dot Dot Dash for the International Conservation Fund of Canada.

Stuf Dsgnrs Make

Visual identity, poster, and social media assets designed for Toronto Design Offsite Festival’s annual fundraiser #StufDsgnrsMake. The poster was printed using 3 colours on a risograph and combine abstract elements representing the fields of art and design. The social media assets were created to build interest and awareness about the fundraiser. A framework for the assets was created using a word mark and a frame for the objects and pieces of artwork being auctioned.

Project 31

Creative for OCAD University's annual fundraiser 'Project 31'. Designed in collaboration with Cheryl Wang and Alexandria Gagnon.

Rally for the Cure

Website designed and developed for the Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada's annual charity fundraiser, featuring an Air and Car Rally.

Dog Play

Promotional videos produced for Dog Play—A free app to check out what doggies are at your favourite parks.
Everyday when it was time to walk the dogs, we would wonder, who's at the park? So we would round up, Homer, Kenny and Bailey and make our way over only to find no one there! The park is always more fun with friends, so we decided to do something about it. We made this simple, easy to use app that creates a community, allowing dog lovers everywhere to connect and see who's at the park. No more waiting around for other pooches to show up—Now it's FUN TIME. ALL THE TIME!

Shift: Processes

Shift: Processes is a set of three books containing finished and unfinished works and variations on themes. The intent with this issue was to show process. The content is structured in a way that rewards reading between the lines. These books are containers of exceptional work collected from students of each program in our attempt to blend the boundaries between the departments of art, design, and liberal studies.

The first book in this series represents process at its core illustrating the rawness of learning and imagining. The second looks at the depth of an idea, observing how far a thread can be followed, and documents a snapshot of work and research in its formative moments. The third book encapsulates works that have been finished. These pieces are lineages of ideas have culminated in works that represent a body of work to date, and work to follow. There are three books; we have ordered them in this way for ease. However, they can and should be read in any order.

Kantelberg + Co

Website designed and developed for Kantelberg + Co.

Signal Theatre

This identity is made up of three interrelated themes. The first theme of fire can be seen in the treatment of the brushwork behind the letterforms. Fire has been incorporated into this identity to represent the way a fire can bring people together, or the narratives told around the fire. It represents cohesion and sharing. The second theme is that of blood, specifically the flow of life through the body and metaphorically the body through time and place. The heart beats pushing blood to vital organs, moving a body through space. Just as the heart has a rhythm, and feeds the mind, dance to has a rhythm and projects the mind.

The third theme requires a story. There was once a time when drums were used to communicate across vast distances. A message could cover six hundred miles in a matter of hours. This was accomplished by sending the message through a series of hoppers established at individual villages that filled the six hundred mile gap. The signal is based off one simple premise, on and off; in order for there to be a message there must be silence and sound, on off, up down, zero one, high low. The identity utilizes this third theme to define the typography. The letterforms flip from up to down in an undulating wave, simultaneously pointing to the shape of dance, the flow of water, the structure of a message, the beat of a drum, or the beat of the heart. After all the heart is a drum.

Inspiration for colour system was drawn from aboriginal art and garments. When used within this contemporary logo the colours are recast and revived into a new form. The colours represent a looking back towards tradition and history, while looking forward into the future.

There are four sub-logos in this identity system, representing each instance of Signal Theatre’s programming types. There are separate marks for performance, installation, media, and the primary mark, which will appear as the main identity for the Signal brand.

Dot Dot Dash

Dot Dot Dash is a brand new, and flourishing marketing and advertising studio. The founders established the studio with the vision to focus on initiatives that contributed to the social and cultural capital of communities. The studios practice straddles film, photography, and strategy; they needed a web presence that reflected their practice as well as their attention to the environment.

We worked very closely with them to establish the goals of the website. The full screen images of the wilderness juxtaposed with the urban environment are intended to draw attention to their film and photography work. The images situate their practice between their goals of general sustainability and how it relates to contemporary marketing strategies. The single page scroll style of the website was used as a way of creating a continuous narrative of who Dot Dot Dash is, and what they do.

Love the Ravines

Conventional environmental campaigns often use tactics that make it difficult for the everyday citizen to relate to the ideas of environmentalism. There are alternatives, one being to demonstrate the social, cultural, and economic value of the environment you are trying to save. Love the Ravines represents this alternative.

Love the Ravines was a campaign developed and launched with Dot Dot Dash and Patagonia. Dot Dot Dash approached us with an open brief requesting the development of a web presence. We believed that the web component of the campaign required more impact. Instead of a conventional website, we developed a web application to crowd source social media and data surrounding access and enjoyment of the Toronto Ravines system. We developed a custom map using Google, Twitter, and Instagram to pool information and social media into a web application.

The application functioned as a portal for Dot Dot Dash’s video campaign and petition. At present, Toronto lacks a sufficient and effective map of its ravines. Our intention is to collaborate further with Dot Dot Dash, the City of Toronto, and local businesses to begin building out more functionality that focuses on history, points of interest, and conservation initiatives.

The Fall

We joined forces with Mason Studio under the design collective A Zero (A0), to create an interactive installation, for the 11th annual Come Up To My Room exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel.

'Fall of the Walled Garden' explored the creation of public and private experiences. Participants were transported from the Gladstone to a new space where light, sound, and structure mediate the body and personal interactions. This is a space of stillness, a space that uses mindfulness meditation to slow participants down.

At the centre lies a bright void where individuals are asked to commit their mind and body to a meditative introspective journey. With full commitment—and some time—the exterior of the space will be transformed into a shifting environment of audio and light, before once again returning to a previous state of stillness.

A0 is built from the joint efforts of ALSO Collective and Mason Studio. The studios share philosophies of design, but originate from two distinct practices. ALSO occupies a space in digital media and graphic design, while Mason inhabits the space of architecture and interiors. A0 represents a shift in the boundaries of design, offering a space where two, three and four dimensions cohabitate and coalesce into a hybrid design practice.

A Soldier's Tale

Creative for Signal Theatre's performance 'A Soldier's Tale'.

Gen. of Queer

Creative materials designed for OnSite Gallery's show Generations of Queer.

SickKids Annual

Poster and brochures produced for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto to promote the hospital's Fellowship programs worldwide and to recruit top-notch orthopaedic surgeons to further their training at the hospital. The pieces were produced in collaboration with the client to reflect and communicate the contemporary approaches being done at the hospital, and to translate them into a fresh piece of visual communication. The result is a unique piece not often seen in the medical industry.

SickKids Website

The website component of the SickKids brochure followed the editorial approach found in the printed version. The decision to use a sideswipe design for pages of the site extended the feeling of turning pages, while avoiding the overused and inauthentic skeumorph design of book pages. This project represents our first attempts to explore ideas of tangible print and digital interaction.


Playshops was a collaborative project between OCAD University research labs, faculty, and Symon Oliver of ALSO Collective. Expanding on the conventional model of academic workshops, Playshops incorporated both theory and practice in an attempt to investigate methods of play and how they relate to research and innovation. The workshop itself was composed of practice-based exercises followed by discussion periods. The documentation, and post-workshop writing was gathered and designed into the Playshops publication. The publication can be read cover to cover as a conventional book; however, the signatures fold out into posters that relate to the individual exercises on play.

Urban Ecologies

Visual identity, printed materials, website, web application, promotional videos and series of animations produced for OCAD University's Urban Ecologies Conference 2013.

Urban environments are complex systems where a multitude of seemingly unrelated components interact. The domain of ecology, which investigates the complex interactions of natural systems, offers a new frame with which to view urban environments through. Not as disparate parts, but as interrelated parts of a whole. Urban Ecologies 2013 as a conference poses questions surrounding this new perspective, bringing together various disciplines to address the following five themes: Regenerating Cities, Visualizing Information, Thinking Systems, Creating Community, and Building Health. The Urban Ecologies 2013 logo attempts to capture this within a seemingly simple mark.

Inspired by the visualization studies of Jacques Bertin, the patterns and textures found within architecture and urban planning, and the concept of a Venn diagram. The intent of this identity is to respect the complexity of urban ecology while illustrating the multitude of overlapping domains. The identity brings together five differing patterns that overlap with one and other to form a more complex—yet unified—pattern at the heart of the mark. While the shapes overlap, the patterns of each shape can be seen emerging out of the larger form, while still remaining tightly interwoven within the other patterns.

Too often conferences addressing issues of the urban context rely heavily upon visuals found in architecture, or sustainability, which can dissuade researchers with relevant work from attending the conference. The Urban Ecologies 2013 conference branding was designed to specifically address these issues of oversimplification and exclusion, establishing a common ground for attendees of all disciplines. This is a positive step, as disparate fields of research rarely find themselves within the same boundary. The identity system effectively normalized the platform for discussion and offered a memorable mark that captures the diversity of urban ecological knowledge.

Summer Camp

The OCAD U Student Gallery made the decision to continue their gallery programming throughout the summer months. This was the first year that gallery programming would remain active during this time of year. The curators developed programming that focused on participatory events around the city of Toronto. The nature of this programming was loosely based upon the model of a summer camp, which the gallery alluded to with the title of Summer Camp. The design team took this theme and carried the notion of summer camp through to the branded summer programming. We developed an identity, screen-printed pamphlets and posters, buttons—to function as badges, and neckerchiefs for the curators to wear.


The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TODO) is an annual offsite festival showcasing emerging design within Toronto. TODO is a non-profit, established to promote emerging design in Toronto, which would otherwise remain unrecognized by larger design festivals. TODO approached us to collaborate on the production of a promotional video and a series of short interviews. The video needed to strengthen exposure of the festival and accurately portray the type of progressive work being shown throughout the festival. Our team shot footage and collected interviews over the weeklong festival. The video was edited into a series of ten short interviews, a promotional video, and an Indiegogo campaign to raise funding and awareness for the 2014 TODO festival.

Click here to watch all videos.


About us

http://player.vimeo.com/video/76224210 {'title': u'About us', 'text': [], 'image': [{'link': u'http://player.vimeo.com/video/76224210', 'title': u'also-video.jpg'}], u'about-us': 'yep', 'insta': [], 'slug': u'about-us'}

Also Collective

ALSO Collective is a collaborative network of creative professionals. We explore traditional design approaches and topics through design research and experimentation. Our efforts aim to define new boundaries of design, moving beyond traditional media and established practices. Our goal is to contribute to a local and global culture of communication while challenging the conventions of our discipline.

Our tools consist of a hybrid between traditional craft and digital media. We apply this diversity of skills to printed matter, site interventions, and interactive installations.

We acknowledge the rich history of design and its shifting identity. We are driven by inquiry and our desire to change. We are the beginning of the change and the initial step towards the future; we are ALSO Collective, an unconventional creative force.

Creative Director/Partner

portfolio.antoniolennert.com | @antoniolennert

Story of your life I grew up by the beach in Brazil and have wandered the world since then: Longing and Belonging drive my life and my practice. When not designing, I/m on my bike or flying off to the nearest break. Cat, Dog or Baby Dog Favourite Typeface Raisonne First email address underdog@zipmail.com.br Favourite pattern Floral Favourite Toronto hiding spot Wards Beach A movie you couldn't live without La fille sur le pont Sunset or sunrise? Sunset Maintenance High Object of inspiration Surfboard


Creative Director/Partner

symonoliver.com | @symonoliver

Story of your life Born in St. Catharines. Named because of a disagreement over a french name. Inspired by science. Discovered art. Met a girl (Lisa). Moved to Toronto for OCAD U. Inspired by research. Met Antonio, built something. Waiting to see what happens next. Cat, dog or baby? Cat Favourite typeface Optima First email address symon.oliver@hotmail.com (previously hijacked a friends email: frenchjew@hotmail.com Favourite pattern Razzle Dazzle Favourite Toronto hiding spot Leslie Spit A movie you couldn't live without Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Sunset or sunrise? Sunset Maintenance Low Object of inspiration Timex Watch



lisagmacdonald.com | @lisagmacdonald

Story of your life Studied graphic design at OCAD University, minored in Printmaking with a focus on Book Binding. On my days off I can be found binding books, at the beach or night biking with friends. Cat, dog or baby? Cat Favourite typeface Bodoni First email address b_rok_my_world@hotmail.com Favourite pattern Floral Favourite Toronto hiding spot Wards Island A movie you couldn't live without Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Sunset or sunrise? Sunset Maintenance Low Object of inspiration Book binding kit


Director, Department of Inquiry

bohdananderson.com | @bohdananderson

Story of your life Anything is possible, but whats more important is the process of getting there! Basically fail lots, but learn from each one. Cat, dog or baby? Dog Favourite typeface Rockwell First email address ukie_militia@gmail.com Favourite pattern Razzle dazzle Favourite Toronto hiding spot 43.647566,-79.406246 it looks like a street from a movie. A movie you couldn't live without Brazil Sunset or sunrise? Sunset Maintenance Low Object of inspiration A microphone with amp, my long term project. Lots to learn for this one.


Graphic Designer

cargocollective.com/ecnovotny | @ecnovotny

Story of your life This question is a dilemma for Emma Cat, dog or baby? Baby Favourite typeface Letter Gothic First email address go_milk_a_cow@hotmail.com Favourite pattern Herringbone Favourite Toronto hiding spot Taylor Creek Park A movie you couldn't live without Yellow Submarine Sunset or sunrise? Sunrise Maintenance High Object of inspiration Passport


Bracket Configurator

unicron.biz | @leteak

Story of your life A strange loop Cat, dog or baby? Cat Favourite typeface DINPRO First email address andrei007 Favourite pattern Pokladots Favourite Toronto hiding spot Porcelain fort A movie you couldn't live without Matrix Sunset or sunrise? Sunset Maintenance Low Object of inspiration A book



darrenrigo.com | @darrenrigo

Story of your life Grew up in the country. Moved to Toronto to be an artist or something. Cat, dog or baby? Baby Favourite typeface Arial First email address tooembarassing@tosay.com Favourite pattern Did Symon dibs fractal? Favourite Toronto hiding spot the east end A movie you couldn't live without Terminator 2 Sunset or sunrise? Rise Maintenance Low Object of inspiration Dolphin snowglobe


Industrial Designer

pushstrength.com | @mikelovas

Story of your life Aimlessness followed by vigorous prototyping Cat, dog or baby? Baby Favourite typeface Aperçu First email address lovaries@hotmail.com Favourite pattern Polkadots Favourite Toronto hiding spot Auld Spot - Danforth A movie you couldn't live without The Rock Sunset or sunrise? Sunrise Maintenance Low Object of inspiration Santoku Knife



blakemacfarlane.tumblr.com | @blakemacfarlane

Story of your life Lost and found Cat, dog or baby? Baby Favourite typeface Helvetica bold CAPS First email address bolivian88@hotmail.com Favourite pattern Stripes Favourite Toronto hiding spot My basement A movie you couldn't live without Star Wars (A New Hope) Sunset or sunrise? Sunrise Maintenance Low Object of inspiration A toy eyeball


Graphic Designer

facebook.com | @recreationalguns

Story of your life Filed my taxes then fuelled up the car. Cat, dog or baby? Cat Favourite typeface Trade Gothic First email address you_da_man@hotmail.com Favourite pattern Razzle Dazzle Favourite Toronto hiding spot Sterling Lofts fire pit A movie you couldn't live without Joan of Arc Sunset or sunrise? Sunrise Maintenance High Object of inspiration My Le Kit pencil box from grade 5.




  • Canadian Regional Design Awards 2013/2014
    Alcuin Society Book Design Awards 2014
    TO DO Awards presented by Herman Miller 2014
    UCDA Design Competition 2013
    So(cial) Good Design Awards 2013
    Applied Arts Design Awards 2013
    CMYK Magazine #55 / Professional Showcase 2013
    42nd Annual UCDA Design Competition 2012
    Applied Arts Design Awards 2012
    Design Edge Regional Awards 2012
    Adobe Design Achievements Awards 2012



Wanna know the secret to keeping your developers happy? #surfthegreats
30:16 26.7.14 #summerfire #wardsbeach #campfire #alsocollective
That's a wrap. Beach Fridays are the reason we work hard for... #surfthegreats
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Smiley faces at #alsocollective
So good seeing our good friends @antoniolennert and @symonoliver at @alsocollective today. #alsocollective
We are wearing our rainbow gradients in support of @pridetoronto - Wishing everyone a fun and safe World Pride 2014!
5:15 21.6.14 The office pets are happy I stopped in today. #magicmouse #alsocollective #apple #graphicdesign #design
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Working on gallery44 calendar is an emmersive process #alsocollective
Good team building day with @alsocollective #luckyintern #alsocollective #franaronto
@alsocollective and @moosetraveleast play day
@alsocollective and @moosetraveleast play day
This is what a happy team looks like! #alsocollective
This is what a happy team looks like! #alsocollective
The new album cover we designed for Graham Nicholas is fresh off the press! Stay tuned for his launch concert in the fall
Please join us next Thursday, May 29 for the 2nd edition of The Perimeter Series on Public and Community Engagement Through Design. Moderated by Patricio Davila. Panelists: Zahra Ebrahim, Simon Rabyniuk, Seema Jethalal, Deborah Wang and Sheila Sam Path. For tickets and more info visit azero.ca
Please join us next Thursday, May 29 for the 2nd edition of The Perimeter Series on Public and Community Engagement Through Design. Moderated by Patricio Davila. Panelists: Zahra Ebrahim, Simon Rabyniuk, Seema Jethalal, Deborah Wang and Sheila Sam Path. For tickets and more info visit azero.ca
On Tuesday, June 10, 2014, join us for the second annual #StufDsgnrsMake Silent Auction, happening at the Gladstone Hotel. In addition to the auction, #alsocollective curates an exhibition that explores the common ground of making in art and design. The exhibit presents works of various media also available through the auction. For more info visit todesignoffsite.com!
Our team grounded and focused on the prize after our meditation session #mindfulthursdays @mikelovas
Our team grounded and focused on the prize after our meditation session #mindfulthursdays @mikelovas
17:50 14.5.14 Full studio kerning session. #alsocollective #designnerds
The poster our Brazilian intern designed is off the press and she knocked it out of the park! @alice__rosa #risograph
3:20 12.4.14 Internship day one! #alsocollective #eames ????
Did you know you can ride from Lake Ontario to Vaughan on pristine bike paths along the Humber River? Get out there and show us how much you #lovetheravines!
And this is how we are ending a busy work week... Have a well deserved rest everyone!
It's a charrette Monday here at #alsocollective
We are taking a well balanced and radically moderated approach to this mindful Thursday #mindfulthursdays
@rgdhub covers our penchant for patterns in their So Good Case Study on @ocaduniversity's Urban Ecologies conference http://ow.ly/wkRLP
Furthering our knowledge in healthcare at The Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America annual meeting
Nothing like a meditative hike to get in the mindset for this discovery week in Los Angeles
We couldn't be more thankful to Design Edge Canada, our team, and our clients at SickKids for an award winning website! ????
We are proud winners of the Alcuin Society's award for Limited Editions! 'Shift: Processes' will be part of an extensive travelling exhibition from Canada, to Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Leipzig!
The brand we designed for the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine is about to be released into the wild and we know this beast has some legs!
Thanks #azuremagazine for publishing 'Fall of the Walled Garden' on their current edition! #Azero #CUTMR11 @masonstudio @gladstonehotel
ALSO Retreat Day 4: The Montauk Seals by @littlelachance
ALSO Retreat Day 3: Super Stoked!
Montauk Sunset
Can't club these seals
Morning coffee time #montauksandbox
Living la vida in Montauk
Neoprene mafia
Sunset Session
Having a swell day in Montauk #doubleoverhead #tanktopweather
#ALSOcollective Spring Retreat 2014 - Day 1 at #MontaukSandbox
Choosing the right shade of purple for a white day
Thanks for coming to our talk and for digital note taking at #rgdHS. We hope our unconventional talk resonates with you. If not now, maybe in 5 years... @rgdhub
We are growing and looking for fearless creatives to join our team as we turn 2! Check our Facebook page for details
Yay! My library is growing! #editorial #shiftprocesses #alsocollective #visualgrammar #monoclemagazine #openmindedopenended #collection #books #snoopy #toy #toydesign
Having a swell afternoon with our partners from @dotdotshot #surfthegreats
Don't miss Signal Theatre's performance "A Soldier's Tale" tonight and tomorrow night at Fleck Dance Theatre!
Web surfing #alsocollective style... #surfisup
times they are a changin
Thanks to our panelist and Lois Weinthal for leading such an insightful dialogue this evening. A special thanks to everyone who joined us. We will see you all next month! #perimeterseries #azero
Don't miss the first edition of our panel discussion series tonight! This is a free event. For more info and to register access AZERO.CA #azero #theperimeterseries @masonstudio
Large format Wednesdays - Get your tickets to see this stunning performance by our partners at Signal Theatre
We found found ourselves away from the noisy outdoors, momentarily enveloped by an interior cloud. #cutmr2014
fall of the walled garden at #cutmr #bestexperience #masonstudio #alsocollective
Sp proud of #AlsoCollective and my brother @blakemacfarlane for this truly #magical installation. ????????
Fall of the Walled Garden #CUTMR11 #AlsoCollective
#AZero raising the mindful people of tomorrow @masonstudio @gladstonehotel #CUTMR11
#AZero raising the mindful people of tomorrow @masonstudio @gladstonehotel #CUTMR11
Fall of the Walled Garden by Azuro. Come up to my Room exhibit.
My favourite installation at Come Up To My Room #cutmr #alsocollective
#masonstudio & #alsocollective @ #gladstonehotel for #todo14
Fall of the Wall Garden. Meditation room using light and sound by #alsocollective and #masonstudio @comeuptomyroom11 @caitlin_power @aliciamocan
Beautiful immersive experience 'Fall of the Walled Garden' created by @alsocollective + @masonstudio at #CUTMR11. #azero #alsocollective #art #design #burningman
Thanks to everyone who's waiting patiently in line to experience the 'Fall of the Walled Garden'. We promise not to disappoint you! #AZero #CUTMR11 @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel
Thanks to everyone who's waiting patiently in line to experience the 'Fall of the Walled Garden'. We promise not to disappoint you! #AZero #CUTMR11 @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel
#alsocollective #cutmr
Installation by Mason Studios and Also Collective #comeuptomyroom #cutmr #2014 #installtion #soft #cozy #design #masonstudios #alsocollective
Experience #artanddesign #toronto #comeuptomyroom #masonstudio #alsocollective
Mason + also at come up to my room 2014 #cutmr #masonstudio #alsocollective
Immersive installation #alsocollective #gladstonehotel #cutmr11 #arttoronto
Our partners from @dotdotshot taking a few minutes to unwind at our mindfulness machine #CUTMR11 #azero #dotdotdash
Our experiential installation is back on until 8PM. Come check it out and find out what all the hairy talk is about! @masonstudio @gladstonehotel #CUTMR11
#alsocollective # masonstudios #cutmr11 #vscocam
Fall of the Walled Garden #azero #alsocollective #cutmr11 #masonstudio
Experience 'Fall of the Walled Garden" at #CUTMR11 at the @GladstoneHotel from tonight until Sunday
The usual suspects deep in a new state of mind. Visit our installation tomorrow to experience it for yourself! @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel #CUTMR11 #AZero
And the vinyl goes up... www.azero.ca #CUTMR11
We would like to thank the many students from @ocaduniversity, Humber College and Ryerson School of Interior design who volunteered their time to bring our installation to life! #CUTMR11
Let's cover it with feathers and light it with rainbows #CUTMR11 @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel
The projectors are on for our #CUTMR11 installation! @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel
First late night after moving in #CUTMR11 @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel
We are about to dim the lights for our upcoming installation at #CUTMR11 @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel
Final sketching and first holes being drilled for #CUTMR11 @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel
Our developer colour blocking code for our installation at #CUTMR11 @masonstudio @GladstoneHotel
The Apprentice #SafetyFirst
First set of LEDs being programmed for our installation at #CUTMR11 @GladstoneHotel @masonstudio
The heat is on for our installation with @MasonStudio for #CUTMR11 at the @GladstoneHotel next week!
Breakfast meeting with our partners from @MasonStudio to finalize our plans for #CUTMR11 at the @GladstoneHotel
The Kayapos on the cover of the current issue of @ngbrasil - Find out more at www.kayapo.org
watching the snow show from #alsocollective
After hours @alsocollective #alsocollective
Good morning Winter #seasonschangingfromalsocollective
End of day 1: POP Shop from Bushwick to Toronto
Nice things @alsocollective
Pushing buttons at #alsocollective @masonstudio #CUTMR
Major laser on Cougar 160#dtc, printed 2 colour UV Waterless Offset. #alsocollective
Toronto Design Salon film screening happening at #alsocollective - Thanks @loriharrisondesign for bringing our community into our home tonight
This is what a "Deadline Friday" looks like at #alsocollective @dotdotshot
Fall flowers and Summer landscapes at #alsocollective
It smells like fresh ink here today...
Sundays TO #alsocollective
Another inspiring date night with our partners in crime from Mason Studio #CUTMR
Awesome poster #fuckit#latergram #alsocollective #rgdstudiotours
Tea Party Wednesdays at #alsocollective
Thanks to everyone who visited #alsocollective as part of @rgd studio open doors this evening! #rgdDT
Making good things happen at @masonstudio 's home and native land #CUTMR
Another successful #alsocollective book binding workshop by @lisagmacdonald #bookarts #workshop #publish #diy
Workshop Setup #alsocollective
large format saturdays #alsocollective
Fall Sunrise #seasonschangingfromalsocollective
Zahra Ebrahim leading the panel discussion at the 2013 Sustainable Design Awards
Studio date night @masonintoronto #cutmr
Frame your problems well and stop building silos, says Johnathan Cagan of Carnegie Mellon University #designprocess #cognitivescience #alsocollective @carnegiemellon
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind these walls? Watch the video we released today on our website and catch a glimpse of the people and processes that make us an unconventional creative force
We have just deployed the mobile version of our site along with some shiny new documentation of our most recent projects. Check it out and let us know what you think! www.alsocollective.com
Ai Weiwei after the dust settled #snbTO @sbnuitblancheTO
Magic Fridays @masonstudio #CUTMR
Trying to make it snow with @alex_mcleod_ and @interaxon #interaxon #brainsensing #fitc #screens13 #alsocollective
@bohdananderson meets the Oculus Rift #FITC #screens #oculusrift
Our Behance profile got a face lift! Check out our latest work at behance.net/alsocollective
sunset design session at #alsocollective
Updating #alsocollective `s portfolio with some awesome new work!
Back to shooting our film noir at #alsocollective after a brief but valuable research trip to the #NYABF.
Recent acquisitions for the #alsocollective library #nyabf @colophonfoundry @bedfordpress @_werkplaats
Claudia Wieser's, The Mirror
Finally made it to P! Gallery #pexclamation #alsocollective
printed matter
#Colbyposter show opening. Following the #NYABF. #alsocollective research weekend. @antoniolennert @tiresometroy @tombriggs
The Billboard Book Project at #NYABF
Shift: Processes coming to life at #ALSOcollective @ocad @flash_repro @ocadupress
getting physical at #alsocollective
analogue shoot at #alsocollective
The campaign is live! www.lovetheravines.com #alsocollective
Less than 24 for the launch of an awesome project with our partners from @dotdotshot. Keep your eyes open when you walk around Toronto tomorrow! #alsocollective
Sneak peek of a very exciting project we are launching with our partners @dotdotshot next Tuesday. Stay tuned! #alsocollective
design and development department at #alsocollective
Processing Shift: Processes #alsocollective @ocadustudentpress
Shift 6: final printer proof before hitting the printing plates @ocadupress @flash_repro #alsocollective
sunset design session at #alsocollective
Atmospheric Thursday at #alsocollective
Final round of testing before we launch the mobile version of our website #alsocollective
Sunset session to get our creative juices flowing this week #alsocollective
A new iteration for #alsocollective
A page from the book of #alsocollective ! Dying binders thread for our classes today
Fresh off the press #alsocollective #signaltheatre #stationery
Component Haul for an upcoming Physical Computing workshop. #alsocollective #ocadu
Brand Development #alsocollective
We need of some ice cream to go with our #RaspberryPi #ALSOcollective @raspberrypipics
Gets it Better. Critical board game designed in collaboration with @dangerwillrobin of TAG Lab. #OOO #alsocollective
Check out the article we wrote for the current edition of Baron Magazine! #alsocollective
#alsocollective #beachfridays @recreationalguns
#alsocollective #beachfridays #toronto #storm #lightening #wardsisland
Magic Fridays
Killing time at Allen Gardens. #alsocollective I should have named this place as my fave Toronto hiding spot!!
annual #alsocollective wear your boldest pattern party
#bushwickpopshop debrief #summersolstice
Um... First Instagram video. #alsocollective light play and programming.
#POPSHOP - From Brooklyn to Toronto @bushwickhappyhour @ocadustudentpress @shannon_gerard #alsocollective
The P.O.P.'s come home to #alsocollective @bushwickhappyhour @shannon_gerard #carlwagan
Amazing day working with #alsocollective <3
The takedown: public or private #alsocollective #carlwagan #bushwickhappyhour
Final #POP - Public or Private? @bushwickhappyhour @ocadustudentpress #alsocollective #carlwagan
Button making as we wrap up #POP meet up w/ #alsoCollective #CarlWagan #BookBakery #bushwickhappyhour
Final #POP Considerations @bushwickhappyhour @ocadustudentpress #carlwagan #alsocollective
#pop #bushwickhappyhour #alsocollective #carlwagan
The halfway mark #POP workshop in Bushwick @bushwickhappyhour @ocadustudentpress #carlwagan #alsocollective #bookbakery
Everything we need. #carlwagan #alsocollective @ocadustudentpress @bushwickhappyhour
POP with #alsocollective #carlwagan and @bushwickhappyhour
Champagne #POP 'n photoshoot to kick off our Bushwick/Toronto collaboration #bushwickhappyhour #alsocollective #bookbakery #ocadustudentpress
Glowing... #alsocollective + #bushwickhappyhour
Brainstorming w/ the #alsocollective keeping it breezy in tropical attire
P.O.P. Workshop about to start in Bushwick #carlwagan #bushwickhappyhour #alsocollective #ocadustudentpress #bookbakery